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Why Should You Buy Google Plus Ones?

Google Plus has been one of the biggest innovations to happen to any search engine in the last few years. It’s turned the way websites receive SEO gains right on their head by allowing webmasters to use something other than by simply pointing links back to their websites.

Why Do +1s Matter?

The simplest reason as to why Google +1s matter is that they affect your website’s search rankings in more ways than one. When all these effects are combined, you end up with a website that ranks higher and appeals more to search engine users.

That means domain authority, which more traffic from the keywords you want.

Why you should buy Google Plus Ones.

1. Your Pages Are Indexed Quickly, Sometimes Immediately

When you create a new page on your website, you have to wait for Google to index your page before it begins showing up in search results.

When you’re performing safe SEO, you need to wait for it to be indexed before you begin trying to make it rank better. This eats up time and can push back how soon you see gains.

If you have a brand new website, you may have to wait weeks or months before Google finally decides to index your website.

Nothing about waiting for your website to be indexed is appealing.

That’s why you should buy Google Plus Ones. Websites that receive them are indexed quickly by Google, because the search engine has recently begun relying on pages with new Plus Ones as a source for pages to crawl and index.

You will find that a page with more Plus Ones will be indexed faster than one without them. Sometimes, your page may even be indexed immediately.

2. Plus Ones Add More Trust

The first thing that a visitor will do when they visit your website, regardless of if they’re conscious of it, is that they will begin relying on a set of heuristics to see if your page is trustworthy.

As you may already know, there’s a positive correlation between how much a visitors trusts your website and how likely they are to become a customer.

Google Plus has changed how soon this “trust” process begins. Users can see how trustworthy your website is based off of the number of Google Plus Ones you have next to your search result, which makes it even more imperative to buy Google Plus Ones.

3. Websites With Plus Ones Have Lower Negative Statistics

One big part of SEO has always been the desire to lower or eliminate negative statistics like bounces rates and improve positive statistics like click-through rates.

When you buy Google Plus Ones, you achieve both of these things.

A search engine user is incredibly more likely to click on a result with hundreds of Plus Ones than they are to click on one with very few, even if the one with more Plus Ones is at a lower ranking position.

That makes the quickest way to improve statistics that will ultimately help your website is to buy Google Plus Ones. Even if your rank doesn’t change, the way visitors perceive your website will.

4. A Higher Social Media “Buzz” Factor

Google has recently begun placing a heavy weight on how much a website is talked about in social media. This is evidenced in the way that Google’s spiders tend to crawl links that are mentioned more in social media and how social media popularity affects search engine rankings.

That means that social media “buzz” is something that your website needs in addition to SEO to succeed, which makes it even more desirable to buy Google Plus Ones.

Google Plus Ones Will Help Your Website Succeed

As Google shifts towards relying on a their search engine being based heavily around social factors rather than pure content crawling, the need to buy Google Plus Ones will grow ever more vital to your website’s success.

While there’s only four proven benefits mentioned here, webmasters have theorized that there may be other long term benefits that aren’t plain as day.

When you consider the fact that it’s safe to buy Google Plus Ones, you quickly arrive to one conclusion: Plus Ones can only act to benefit your website.

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